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We’ve gone solar at our California facility

Beneficial Insectary is dedicated to developing products, methods and information that will enhance attainment of effective and least-toxic better pest management in various agricultural, horticultural and urban settings.

Beneficial Insectary activities encompass modern production, marketing, shipment, and research and development programs necessary to provide high quality natural enemies for key pests to our customers. We develop educational materials to provide users current and relevant information to ensure the most optimal use of appropriate natural enemies.

Beneficial Insectary bases its operations on meeting customer needs through communication and dynamic interaction. To most effectively develop programs and products designed to meet customer needs, all operations are strongly science based. For example, our research and development teams emphasize improving rearing methodologies for current and new products, designing consistently significant quality control evaluations, improving natural enemy delivery methodologies and developing technologies for field population monitoring. Our science-based efforts are the best means to achieve and maintain the highest standards of program and product quality.

Beneficial Insectary operates facilities in the United States and Canada for the purposes of mass-rearing hosts and natural enemies, coordinating and conducting research and development projects, and developing project specific information and educational materials for better pest management programs.

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