Better Pest Management

The implementation of natural enemies to regulate pest populations is accomplished through discovery and introduction of new natural enemies, by conservation of existing natural enemy populations, and by periodic augmentative releases of mass-reared natural enemies. These three activities are basic tenets of successful applied biological control. The effective implementation of these tenets to achieve better pest management is highly dependent upon knowledge of the target pests and their natural enemies, and the economic significance of pest population densities in affected habitats.

Beneficial Insectary : A Perspective

Beneficial Insectary is dedicated to developing products, methods and information that will enhance attainment of effective and least-toxic better pest management in various agricultural, horticultural and urban settings.

Beneficial Insectary activities encompass modern production, marketing, shipment, and research and development programs necessary to provide high quality natural enemies for key pests to our customers. We develop educational materials to provide users current and relevant information to ensure the most optimal use of appropriate natural enemies.

Beneficial Insectary bases its operations on meeting customer needs through communication and dynamic interaction. To most effectively develop programs and products designed to meet customer needs, all operations are strongly science based. For example, our research and development teams emphasize improving rearing methodologies for current and new products, designing consistently significant quality control evaluations, improving natural enemy delivery methodologies and developing technologies for field population monitoring. Our science-based efforts are the best means to achieve and maintain the highest standards of program and product quality.

Facilities, Products and Projects

Beneficial Insectary operates facilities in the United States and Canada for the purposes of mass-rearing hosts and natural enemies, coordinating and conducting research and development projects, and developing project specific information and educational materials for better pest management programs.

Our products include the predacious green lacewing, Chrysoperla rufilabris and several species of parasitic wasps including: Trichogramma, which attack the eggs of various Lepidoptera (moths) and pteromalids which attack the immature stages of synanthropic flies. Many other products, including specialized pest traps and mechanized delivery systems for natural enemies, are available. Product lists are provided upon request from our headquarters.

Current research and development projects include improving equipment and methods for safe, effective and predictable mechanical delivery of natural enemies, developing specialized traps to aid in monitoring various pest populations, evaluating the feasibility of mass-rearing and marketing of new products, and investigating rearing methodologies for insects of importance to pharmaceutical and processed food products.

Science and education activities emphasize development of project guidelines and activities, along with brochures and fact sheets that provide pertinent current information to users of natural enemies. Information used to develop projects and educational material is drawn from thorough review of the scientific literature and through communication with practitioners in industry and specialists at universities and agencies.

Beneficial Insectary offers it’s resources and products to customers to enhance the timely and appropriate implementation of natural enemies in better pest management programs.

Services To Clients

  • Consultation
  • Sampling for and identification of pests and their natural enemies
  • Project planning and related feasibility evaluations
  • Project development, including initial training and supervision of local personnel
  • Discovery, procurement, introduction and establishment of appropriate natural enemies
  • Insectary design and operation, including initial development of host and natural enemy cultures and mass production schemes
  • Development of delivery methods for field releases of natural enemies
  • Development of monitoring methodologies for arthropods
  • Evaluation of project results
  • All of these services are offered by correspondence and on-site. Services required will be depend upon the scope of the project. Cost estimates will be provided upon request.


Beneficial Insectary ofrece servicios profesionales y productos de calidad a clientes que buscan desarrollar y mantener una regulación de poblacions plaga a través de mejores programas de manejo. Los servicios a clientes incluyen consultoría; muestreo e identificación de plagas y enemigos naturales; planeación de proyectos y estimación de factibilidad; desarrollo de proyectos incluyendo entrenamiento de personal; procuración, introducción y establecimiento de enemigos naturales apropiados; diseño y operación de insectarios; desarrollo de métodos para liberación de enemigos naturales, monitoreo de poblaciones de artrópodos y evaluación de resultados de proyectos.

Beneficial Insectary tiene una lista de productos disponibles que ponemos a sus órdenes.

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